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Gishi no Mokusou

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Today, we left Sendai for Tomakomai (苫小牧) on the Taiheiyo Ferry (太平洋フェリー). Somebody decided to take a nap shortly before leaving, so we left the International House with very little time to spare. From there, we took the bus to Sendai Station were just in time to catch the Senseki line for the port. We got off at Nakanosakae station (中野栄駅) with little time to spare, so we took taxis from there to the ferry terminal. We ended up arriving about 10 minutes before the ferry was scheduled to leave.

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Oct 16

Being out of an internet connection for two weeks is not fun. I haven’t had a connection in my room until my modem from NTT showed up a few days ago. But even then, it was terribly unreliable until I had time to stop by Yodobashi Camera and pick up a router. Now that I’m actually reconnected with the world again, here are some updates.

On the 27th, I made the trip from Tokyo (東京) to Sendai (仙台) via the Tohoku Shinkansen (東北新幹線). The scheduling was slightly annoying because I had to check out by 10 AM and I had to be in Sendai at 3 PM, but the Shinkansen trip would only take about 2 hours, leaving me with about 3 hours to kill. I pretty much headed right for the station after leaving the Weekly Mansion since it was raining and I had to deal with my luggage. Fortunately, I had the subway shortcut figured out so I managed to get to the station without getting terribly wet or dropping my luggage in the middle of the street. The subway shortcut, by the way, simply involves taking the escalator down into the subway station on the west side of Hakusan Dori, crossing under the street, then taking the escalator on the other side directly into the JR Sugamo Station. It’s quite handy on cold and rainy days and when one is in a hurry and the light just turned red.

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(nihon kara konnichi wa; hello from Japan)

I just arrived yesterday at Narita Airport outside of Tokyo, Japan.  Unfortunately, I did not manage to get any sleep on the flight, so by the time I got to bed last night around 9:00 pm Tokyo time I had been up for just about 24 hours.  9:00 pm in Tokyo is 5:00 am PST and that’s the time I had to get out of bed to leave for the airport in Portland.  Needless to say, I have a little adjusting to do, indicated by the fact I woke up around 5:00 am Tokyo time and was unable to get back to sleep.  Oh, well.

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