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Gishi no Mokusou

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Tag: Tohoku University

It rained today. Very hard. So much so, in fact, that one needed a boat in order to get to the cafeteria.

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Yesterday, all the members of the Kameyama lab (亀山研究室 kameyama kenkyuushitsu) headed out to the west of Sendai to the Okunikkawa station (奥新川駅) for the lab’s annual imonikai (芋煮会). Most of us took the train while a couple of people followed in cars with all of the supplies. After collecting the supplies from the car, we hiked down the hill to the nearby Nikkawa (新川川) river.

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The fall colors of the trees around Kawauchi and Aobayama campus have been very nice recently, so I decided to lug my camera to campus and take a few more HDR shots.

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The Tohoku University International Festival (東北大学国際祭り touhoku daigaku kokusai matsuri) took place yesterday on the softball field by the international house. There were people there from countries all over the world selling various foods from their home countries. There was also a stage for traditional dances and music.

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The Japanese Culture A class that I’m taking at Tohoku University went on a field trip to Nenoshiroishi (根白石) yesterday. Unfortunately, the somewhat poor decision was made to motivate a bunch of college students to get on a bus at 7:15 in the morning on a Sunday, so naturally a few people caught up on some sleep on the way over. After a bit of a bus ride, we arrived at Mr. Fukuda’s apple orchard in Nenoshiroishi, to the west of Sendai.

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Oct 16

Being out of an internet connection for two weeks is not fun. I haven’t had a connection in my room until my modem from NTT showed up a few days ago. But even then, it was terribly unreliable until I had time to stop by Yodobashi Camera and pick up a router. Now that I’m actually reconnected with the world again, here are some updates.

On the 27th, I made the trip from Tokyo (東京) to Sendai (仙台) via the Tohoku Shinkansen (東北新幹線). The scheduling was slightly annoying because I had to check out by 10 AM and I had to be in Sendai at 3 PM, but the Shinkansen trip would only take about 2 hours, leaving me with about 3 hours to kill. I pretty much headed right for the station after leaving the Weekly Mansion since it was raining and I had to deal with my luggage. Fortunately, I had the subway shortcut figured out so I managed to get to the station without getting terribly wet or dropping my luggage in the middle of the street. The subway shortcut, by the way, simply involves taking the escalator down into the subway station on the west side of Hakusan Dori, crossing under the street, then taking the escalator on the other side directly into the JR Sugamo Station. It’s quite handy on cold and rainy days and when one is in a hurry and the light just turned red.

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