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Gishi no Mokusou

Alex Forencich's contemplations on Life, Engineering, and Japan


Tag: Kawauchi

After the new year, it’s traditional to eat fresh mochi (餅), a type of rice cake that is pounded into a very sticky paste. It is made in a process called 餅搗き (mochitsuki), literally “mochi-pounding.” There was a mochitsuki at lunch today, so I bought some mochi with Richard and Lyra. The stuff is incredibly sticky; it took all three of us (using only chopsticks and no fingers) to tear it apart.

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It rained today. Very hard. So much so, in fact, that one needed a boat in order to get to the cafeteria.

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The fall colors of the trees around Kawauchi and Aobayama campus have been very nice recently, so I decided to lug my camera to campus and take a few more HDR shots.

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