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Gishi no Mokusou

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Tag: Hirose River

As I said in my previous post, I would wait for the next bout of snow and then get up early and take some pictures. Well, that’s what I did yesterday. There was another snow storm night before last that left a very nice powdering of snow on everything, so I grabbed my camera and went for a nice long walk.

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On the way to campus this morning, I decided to take a small detour and explore the Hirose river. The Hirose river runs around downtown Sendai and circles around Tohoku University’s Kawauchi Campus. The name of the river in Japanese is 広瀬川 hirose gawa. All of the pictures are HDR.

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Winter is coming. Over the past couple of days, the temperature has dropped several degrees and a beastly breeze has started blowing. Time to bundle up! Since I did not have class yesterday but I did have to run up to Aobayama campus to visit the lab, I decided to walk over and take a few pictures of Sendai on the way.

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