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Tag: Fireworks

The Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks Festival (東京湾大華火祭 toukyou wan dai hanabi sai) is one of the last shows of the summer as well as one of the biggest. This year 12,000 fireworks were launched from Harumi Wharf Park (晴海埠頭公園 harumi futou kouen) and from a barge in the bay near the park. It was quite a spectacular show.

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Japan has a tradition of shooting off fireworks in the summertime at events called 花火大会 (hanabi taikai).  There is pretty much one every day somewhere in Japan for the whole summer.  A few of the shows can involve over 100,000 fireworks.  This page has a listing of all the 花火大会 in 2010.  The first fireworks show that I went to this summer was the 江戸川区花火大会 (edogawa-ku hanabi taikai), the show put on by the Tokyo ward Edogawa yesterday.

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