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Gishi no Mokusou

Alex Forencich's contemplations on Life, Engineering, and Japan


Archive for January, 2011

Yesterday I went on another field trip with the Japanese Culture A class. We left from the International House at 7:30 in the morning and drove to Shiroishi (白石, literally “white rock”). The plan for the day was to first visit a small community Noh theater and tea house in Shiroishi and then go on to see a traditional Samurai house followed by Shiroishi Castle (白石城 shiroishi-jou).

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After the new year, it’s traditional to eat fresh mochi (餅), a type of rice cake that is pounded into a very sticky paste. It is made in a process called 餅搗き (mochitsuki), literally “mochi-pounding.” There was a mochitsuki at lunch today, so I bought some mochi with Richard and Lyra. The stuff is incredibly sticky; it took all three of us (using only chopsticks and no fingers) to tear it apart.

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