Sendai holds an annual festival called the Pageant of Starlight or 光のページェント hikari no pejento. This year 550,000 LED lights were used to illuminate the trees down Jozenji dori (定禅寺通り). The lights are lit every night from December 12 through December 31st.

After riding into town on the train, I passed a rather large collection of inflatable penguins for some sort of Suica promotion on my way out of Sendai Station. Suica refers to the contactless Suica card used to pay for rail fares among other things.

The collection of taxicabs out in front was quite impressive. Need a taxi, anyone?

Right before the start of the row of lit up trees down Jozenji dori, there was a group of trees lit up with very nice blue lights.

This is the start of the illuminated trees down the middle of Jozenji dori.

Starting down the middle. It was raining lightly at the time, producing some very nice reflections on the ground. Unfortunately, I was unable to visit the pageant on the couple of days that it got a nice covering of snow.