Winter is coming. Over the past couple of days, the temperature has dropped several degrees and a beastly breeze has started blowing. Time to bundle up! Since I did not have class yesterday but I did have to run up to Aobayama campus to visit the lab, I decided to walk over and take a few pictures of Sendai on the way.

I decided to start experimenting with some High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, so I took quite a few shots around Sendai with auto bracketing enabled, taking three shots of each scene. Afterwards, the images are combined together so the dynamic range is extended, filling in the details in the highlights and shadows that would otherwise be clipped or drowned in noise. The resultant images are closer to how our brains piece together little pieces of a scene into a complete picture. However, they often look very surreal because the dynamic range compression required to transform an HDR image into a computer-displayable image change the dynamics of the picture in an unexpected manner. Not every scene can be rendered in HDR, though. Moving objects are extremely difficult to deal with and trees on an almost (but not quite!) still day are pretty much the worst nightmare for HDR photography.

This shot was taken from the Yodomi bridge (澱橋 yodomi bashi) overlooking the Hirose river (広瀬川 hirose gawa) that flows around downtown Sendai. Tohoku University’s Kawauchi campus is named after the the Kawauchi (川内) part of Sendai, so named because it’s inside (内) a bend in the river (川).

After a long evening in the lab, I lugged my tripod over to Sendai Castle and took a few night shots.

Actually, the first three pictures in the set were shot a while ago from the roof of the international house. I posted them in this group because I didn’t really want to create a whole post for just three pictures.