Sugamo is a nice, quiet district in Tokyo. It’s widely known in the rest of Tokyo for it’s large population of older people. I decided to run around yesterday and take a few night shots of the city. It’s not full of crazy lights like Shibuya or Shinjuku, but there are still quite a few opportunities to get some nice shots.

Before taking some shots of the main street and venturing into the market, I attempted to get a few shots of the trains heading in and out of Sugamo Station. However, it was quite dark and I didn’t grab a tripod, so they were all blurry due to the long exposures necessary. After that failed attempt, I snapped a few shots along Hakusan Dori (白山通り), the main street in Sugamo, then proceeded down Jizou Dori (地蔵通り), a small shopping district in Sugamo. I ended up at the Koukanji (高岩寺) Buddhist temple on Jizou Dori. All in all, I would say a productive night.